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1 Month Life/ Business Coaching

This course entitles you to a weekly program session over a span of 4 weeks. 


The sessions can be anything from life coaching, recipe and cooking cooaching, makeup and beauty coaching, business coaching and mentoring as well as any emotional and personal discussions in a safe and non judgemental space.


I will let my mentee sum up the ethos of what I do.


" I have been looking for and making dua for a female Muslim role model for a long time. I wanted someone who I could look up to in so many ways, namely in day to day life with my children, husband, career, and even starting up a small business - while upholding Islamic principles. Even though I had received good counsel over the years from various types of people, there was no Muslim woman role model who I felt was FULLY relatable and who genuinely understood what it’s like to be a practicing Muslim woman in the West, actively contributing to society.


I wear hijab, raise a family, try to keep up career and business ambitions all at the same time, and so I deeply aspired for someone that could keep me progressing in these areas of life and be able to really get me to the next level - not let me get stagnant, not let me get in my own way, and not let me just watch my life go by! Trust me, I know that’s a tall order!

Alhamdulillah, I found exactly what I was looking for in Samina Malik. She’s the best mentor, life coach I could ever ask for. She genuinely cares, gives me her undivided attention, and offers on point specific advice in all areas of my life. She’s truly an answer to my duas and one of the biggest blessings I have. I’ve been able to improve in my small business, career, fashion, general daily upkeep of my house, my deen, and even my personal self care. The incremental improvements in everything have allowed me to really upgrade my standard of life and live life to the fullest. Whenever I have a hurdle that makes me feel stuck or makes me feel like I may not bring my “best self”, I turn to Samina for advice and she has always come through with the direction I needed, that adheres to Islamic principles as well. How absolutely wonderful - Alhamdulillah!(

1 Month Life/ Business Coaching

Excluding Tax
Price Options
Monthly Coaching
$585.00every month until canceled
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