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After 25+ years in the industry and almost 15 years as a Makeup Coach, I realized that I was still searching for lightweight makeup products that would last all day, be functional and suit the lifestyles of my clients. After makeup shopping for over 15 years with them I had a good understanding of what they needed and when I couldn't find those for them I decided to do something about it and Sceptr Cosmetics was born.

Sceptr Cosmetics and Vegan and Cruelty free, non toxic and we aim to be as clean as we can without disturbing the integrity of what the products are formulated to to. I am a realist at the end of the day and therefore performance of the product matter to me.

By the way, I have invented the most amazing makeup brush which I designed after seeing my clients struggle using their tools, if they had them. I hope you discover my amazing brand.

Our POWERMATT lipsticks are liquid matte lipsticks that do not budge yet feel like air. Our Anti ageing POWERGLASS lip gloss combine Oleic acid and Vitamin E known both for cell renewing and nourishing properties. Our glosses are formulated to feel like butter with no sticky feeling. THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE LIP PRODUCTS AROUND.

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