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The first step towards looking the way you want to look is to equip yourself with your perfect makeup kit customised just for you.

How does it work?

Q.  Is the heat in Singapore stopping you from putting on your makeup?


Q.  Do you find your makeup melting off?


Q.  Are your products not looking the same on you?


Q.  Is your makeup routine just not working for you anymore?


Q.  Do you need to freshen up your look, but dont know what will suit you?


A.  I am here to help! 

Having been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for 15 years, I have tried and tested many products and routines to find the right combinations for all different types of faces and skyn types. My makeup lessons are designed for the Singapore climate. I can teach you the correct methods of applying makeup that will show off your natural beauty, even on the most humid of days. Never one for the over-bearing and caked-on look, I prefer a more natural and subtle application which enhances your beauty and doesn't mask it behind thick layers of foundation.


My lessons are targeted to each clients individual features and colorings, understanding that we all are unique and beautiful in our own way. I can teach your methods to enhance what you possess using colors and products that compliment you. This is the key to a more confident you.


All my product recommendations keep in mind my clients needs, concerns and lifestyle. I  have clients who want me to show them how to best accentuate their features with as little product as possible, while others want to learn how to create a less harsh smokey eye that suits their age, or a bold makeup looks for nights out on the town.


Whatever you feel like learning I can teach you!

Personal Makeup Shopping

Discover your NEW Dream Makeup Kit

Let me show you the products that are waiting for you to discover.  I'll hand pick only the best makeup and tools that would work perfectly for you, say hello to new products and brands you'll love.

Personal Makeup Lessons

Customised Lessons

I'll show you how you should be applying your makeup to really bring forward your true beauty.  My aim is to teach you my unique technique to help you look and feel like a HOT MAMA!

Be it a Natural Mama or full on Diva Mama, you'll learn exactly what you have always wanted to learn in a fun relaxed manner.


All lessons are customised per client.

Personal Stylist

Rethink. Dedefine. Rediscover

Discover the style that you have wanted to express. Let the world see your new look of chic and relaxed confidence. 

Let me help you discover YOU, the way you've always wanted to be!

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Makeup Shopping & Lessons

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