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Work, Work, Work..

This month has been one of the busiest months so far for me! Its seems like I have to recover from the to and fro that life throws at me. So let's start off with the earlier happenings of this month shall we?

I was truly honoured to have been approached by the lovely MD of Sassy Mama SG for a makeup lesson that she had apparently been contemplating for a while.

Click on the link or photo above to take you to the actual article where Emily recounts the day we did the Glam Mama makeup course. Warning: She did use her iphone for photos so the poor quality and lighting do not reflect the true transformation, but her words say it all! Enjoy the Read.

singapore airlines welcome drinks and Her World magazines

Along with my wonderful clients in between, I had to fly off to USA with my older two boys and hubby, for just 2 days! Yes, madness I know, but it had to be done, I'll explain sometime. We were however comforted to know that for our pains we got to travel Business Class again on Singapore Airlines, by far the best airline and the best service we have received as a family. If there is an airline willing to challenge that then by all means offer us a business class flight and we'll see how you compare ;)

Pewter Coach Fredrica Moccasins

While I was there I somehow lost the bottom bit of my heel on my Melissa Shoes :( So I had to go buy a pair of comfortable shoes to wear and run around in whilst still looking fashionable.

I found my first pair of flats that I actually didn't mind wearing. I don't normally do flats as I am 5 ft 3 and curvy and I wear heels for a longer silhouette!

I found these stunning metallic Fredrica moccasins/ loafers by Coach. Can I just say that these babies were so comfortable yet I felt and looked stylish even though I was a few inches shorter! I could not believe how happy my feet felt and my boys looked at me with weird expressions as I danced around the store all gaga over my new stylish yet comfortable find.

You can probably buy these from Ebay now but the latest moccasins look very similar.


One last thing....

Like any makeup artist, I had to check out the local Sephora. I found a colour that I am obsessing over right now! I want to show you this gorgeous liquid lipstick. I discovered OUT LOUD liquid lipstick by Smashbox. If you like subtle reds you will LOVE this shade! It's a mix between an red, brown and orange. Trust me it's gorgeous!! Check out the photo but seriously you need to see it in person to believe its true beauty, oh and it does not dry out your lips like some brands. ;)

Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick in Out Loud

Coming up Next....

What I wore to Nida Shay Show for Singapore Fashion Week and my favourite local brands to watch!

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Can't wait to hear from you soon :)

See you next time!!


Samina Malik

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