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Make up Prescription

I have started a new service as I get ready to leave Singapore to make sure I am still there for you. I have had many of you asking my recommendations on new products you want to buy or whether something will suit you or even when products become discontinued, what next to buy. I wanted to be fair to myself and my time but also fair to you and stay connected to you too. I decided I will always want to help you so I created THE MAKEUP PRESCRIPTION SERVICE where you ask what you need and I send you the list of products ( the prescription) that you can go buy all at a nominal fee of $100.

All lists are bespoke and catered just for you xx

Go to

And once you buy it you can send my your request of what you need, it's that simple. I will reply as soon as I can but no longer than a week.

Hope that helps you 😘😘


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