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Romantic Red look for Valentines Day

Valentines Red done right!

This Valentines day I have my outfit ready early. My Valentines day is always taken up by my eldest son's birthday, yes he's a Valentines baby, who will be turning 15 this year, not a baby anymore!

Wow that makes me feel old :(

My focus on this look is definitely the red lipstick. I used Guerlain's Rouge G lipstick in shade 25. This lipstick is so pretty and so long lasting I was surprised to see it still looking great after being on my lips for more than 6 hours! The texture is moisturising and unlike matt long lasting textures it looked smooth and silky.

What I loved even more about this lipstick was its packaging. It's heavy metallic smooth packaging was so Luxe that I just wanted to pull it out of my handbag to awe my friends. What's even more delightful is it's inbuilt mirror in it's lid which open's up as soon as you take it off, Genius!

Chromatic nails by Solehouse

I kept my eyes neutral using Guerlain's 5 color eyeshadow palette in 02. It has mostly browns and bronzes. This is what I did:

1. Apply concealer on eyelids and powder

2. 3rd shade used in my crease and blended

3. 2nd shade used on my eyelid making sure not to overlap on to my crease color.

4. 4th shade which is a shimmer over the crease color to add lightness and soften the matt look.

5. Highlight using the 1st shade on brow bone starting from arch towards end of brow. Then a pat also in the inner corner of the eye to brighten.

6. Using the brown kohl pencil also by Guerlain I applied on my lash line, not on my waterline!

7. Applied brown liquid liner on top lids, not too thick.

8. The shimmer color was then applied thinly below the brown koh pencil under the lower lashes.

9. Finished off the look with my They're Real mascara by Benefit Cosmetics.

10. Cannot forget my brows using Precisely My Brows by Benefit Cosmetics to bring the whole look together!

Palette 5 Couleurs 02

You can buy any of the above mentioned products from Tangs or Sephora.

I matched the red lips look to my belt and shoes from this outfit. The burgundy and reds created a beautiful and classic contrast to the creamy white, romantic full length top.

A soft romantic period look with soft modern femininity twist.

The makeup was to match my Valentines outfit which I wore to my #tellher secret lunch which many of you who have subscribed to my mailing list would have seen pictures of.

I bought this on Sale gorgeous red french lace skirt $S 25.90 and 2017 collection white Plumetis ruffle top in Zara $S 45.90 which was really convenient and lucky giving the fact that I had 30 mins to find an outfit whilst my two little one waited patiently for ice cream. I know I was on bought time to had to hurry. Yes, this is how I bribed them, I'm sure you can relate, "Let mummy shop for just a bit and if you're good you'll get ice cream!! How many of us have repeated this mantra to them?"

My red heels were also from Zara which I had at home and worked perfectly with the belt by Charles and Keith which I coincidentally had at home too. Don't you just love it when things just work together?

I finished off this look with these stunning earrings from Lovisa $S28

The last detail was my Gucci bag which I did not photograph with the entire outfit, but I love it as its so cool and adds a touch of fun to the outfit.

Enjoy your Valentines day!

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