Berlin by Kat Von D- The perfect pink liquid lipstick for deep olive skin tones.

Hello and welcome back everyone. I wanted to tell you about this lip colour that I have been crushing over ever since I applied it on my lips for the first time in Sephora.

I have not always been a huge fan of pink at all and often avoided it thinking it would not suit my tanned complexion. This may be surprising to some of my customers whom I had picked pink lipsticks for during our makeup course and makeup shopping session together. I am studying your face and advise you based on what looks complimentary to you and your coloring. As your Personal Makeup Guru it is my job to bring you out of your comfort zone and show you your beauty through others eyes.

But unlike you, I don't have anyone pushing me to try something different and so always felt comfortable in nudes, purples, reds and orange shades.


So what made me want to try on pinks? It was actually due to some photo editing My photographer Mary Gomez Camba of The Think Visual Project took a photo of me wearing a white jumpsuit, which I had designed for myself, and changed my lip colour to compliment my outfit. I remember I was wearing a nude shade that day. I realised that shades of pink she added on to the photo was actually quite complimenting on my skin tone and so I started playing around with my own photo editing tools later and started changing to pink shades onto my lips from the original colour I had. With some experimenting I was convinced that it was time to go to the stores and try on my perfect shade of pink.

I went down to Sephora, I practically live there as I bring my customers to the store to shop for makeup shopping, So I know where everything is and the brands. I chose various pinks to try on and after hours of testing various shades I came to the verdict that warm pinks were complimenting my skin tone whilst pinks with blue tones looked more contrasting and depending on whether it was a light pink or a dark pink, could look either garish or make a stunning contrast.

Finally I found the perfect shade for me.

Here it is, Berlin liquid lipstick by Kat Von D.

I love how it instantly brightens up my face and thanks to its amazing staying power I can look great and not have to worry about reapplying my lipstick again, Bring on the food people!

Why its perfect? It has a warm pink tone with almost apricot hue mixed in. Orange shades are complimenting to our skin tone which means it's in the same color family to brown. Pink is a tertiary color which means its a mix of secondary colors such as pink and orange, in this case. This hue is also complimentary on the color wheel to browns. I wont go to detail but it makes for enough of a contrast to deeper skin tones giving an almost brightening effect on our skin hue. So that brightens my skin and mood too. I call it my Happy Day Pink lipstick.

I created various looks that were easy to wear and complimented the bright pink lipstick so here are a few HOW TO'S:

Simple Dark Smoked lid look: (feature photo above)

1.Sweep a a dark brown matt shadow on your entire lid start from the outer edge working inwards getting lighter as you work inwards.

2. Line with black liner into the water line ,top and bottom, and extend outwards just a tad.

3. Finish with mascara top and lightly touch your bottom lashes.

4. Always fill in your brows!

Product details in look below.

Easy Bronzed Eye look