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Featured on AsiaBiz Today

I am excited to share my feature on AsiaBiz Today 😄 I have been working hard for many years bringing women something of true value to them, so it's so nice to be recognized for that. Hope you like the feature. I have to say a big Thank you to all my supporters and customers who took the lessons with me. Without your word of mouth recommendations and positive reviews and trust I would not be were I am today, I am truly grateful! Juggling business with 4 children and not to mention half of them teenagers can be extremely difficult. I am glad I kept going even thought there were times I felt overwhelmed and felt like giving it all up for a more relaxed life. But something inside me kept telling me that while I have this opportunity I should not give up and keep trying my best. Today my future plans seem just as impossible, but I know my journey has just started and this was all the foundation for something bigger. I hope you continue to follow, support and enjoy my journey as I continue to bring you more makeup tips, beauty advice and experiences and soon something even more exciting!

I value your feedback always as this is how I have been able to customize my services to you.

Thank you again for your support and I hope you enjoy reading the feature!

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