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When in doubt, 'smoke it' !

Smokey Eye Makeup - Learn and Do it yourself!

A smokey eye is the sexiest look yet the most versatile and can easily match almost any glam outfit. Around this time in december, last year, I had done a video tutorial in collaboration with Fuchsia Magazine!

It's a spooky coincidence that during this time in December 2016, Anushka Sharma was splashing all over media just like she is doing this December 2017!

Last year it was for her sultry and smokey eye makeup in the movie Ai Dil hai Mushkil and this december, of course she is making waves with her charming 'tuscany' wedding with Viraat Kohli! Bollywood and Cricket - two of the most loved religions in india form a marriage alliance yet again! And we are loving it!! Wish the stars a happy married life!

It was her the inspiration for doing the video tutorial last December. I wanted all you lovely ladies to look as beautiful as Anushka did in Aid Dil hai Mushkil! We all can look as gorgeous as movie stars with the power of makeup! I was shown the way to regain my positive self-esteem and self-image many years ago by a kind samaritan. It was an amazing experience to feel the transformation! To feel beautiful! To feel confident about my looks ! I have made it my mission to share this power with all the women out there since then! Through my personalized makeup lessons, I want to equip you with this life skill to unleash the power of self confidence and belief in your own inner beauty!

On that note, I thought I would rekindle your love for sultry smokey eyes ! So ladies, here it goes! Check out the video tutorial right here! Rock the festive season with this gorgeous makeup look!

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial by Samina Malik

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