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Tati Launches Halo Beauty

Tati Westbrook, a name most beauty lovers know, has almost shocked her almost 4 million subscriber base on Youtube.

Tati, or The Glam Life Guru, as she refers herself as, is a very popular Youtuber who I actually really like. Her makeup is never over the top, it always look polished and not caked and she really goes into detail about all the products she reviews.

Tati was made famous because of her very honest reviews and is quick to tell viewers if anything is sponsored or now. She is not afraid to put down products she doesnt like with no fear towards how brands will react which I really liked in her.

Tati, who has over 3 million subscribers on Youtube, just launched her much awaited brand after 7 years of being a Youtuber. Her brand announcement came today, 1st March, and launch date is March 2nd 2018, on her website

Her much awaited product happens to be nothing related to makeup or skincare like most of her followers had hoped, but actually a beauty supplement instead. Halo Beauty is a skin, hair and nail suppliment using nutraceutical ingredients claiming to have the best and most expensive ingredients compared to her competitors.

There have been many mixed emotions about this product choice leaving millions of her fans baffled and disappointed.

I am unsure how I feel about her announcement of Tati made beauty suppliments. I too, feel a little diappointed, or maybe underwhelmed is the right word here? I suppose I would have to fork out the $40 plus shipping to try these vitimins/supplements out. The price point is already pretty shy high for a suppliment and this is one of the reasons why her fans are also upset. If you buy every month you end paying close to $500 a year every year if you are hooked.

For me, if it works, I would buy it, especially if it will make my skin look naturally radiant with thick hair and nails that dont chip off, which is what Tati claims.

Have a look at this video and see what you think. I'll also give you a link of one of her other videos to make you understand why I loved her so. I hope I still continue to love her.



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