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10 basic makeup products that make you look simply amazing!

Makeup brands are popping up everywhere and thanks to the power of social media, platforms such as YouTube are offering countless makeup tutorials to help you achieve your perfect look.

I see those raised eyebrows and your looks of horror when they apply layer upon layer of weird and wonderful products, so being the kind person that I am 😊 and of course a Personal Makeup Coach, I’ve decided to help you filter out just 10 major must haves to create each and every perfect look you want, whenever you want.

  1. Primer

  2. Foundation

  3. Concealer

  4. Brows

  5. Eyeshadow

  6. Mascara

  7. Contouring/Blush

  8. Highlighter

  9. Lipstick

  10. Finishing powder

Primer - Prime your face before applying any makeup, not only will this allow create a perfect base, it will also help it last throughout the day. At our headquarters we are all raving about the new ‘Sceptr Cosmetics Primer’ which happens to be the world’s first gel-based anti-aging primer. It has been developed to help hydrate and protect skin whilst delivering anti-aging properties in to your skin and allowing makeup to blend better and go the little bit further. One of a kind as its said to allow you to mix it in you’re your foundation or concealers to create a lighter more sheer coverage. That’s not all this little beauty has to offer, its kind to your skin with lush ingredients and no oils. A Home run ladies.

Launching Soon!!

Foundation - You needn’t be heavy handed with foundations and should only apply where you need coverage. There are many types as you know, but the theory is that sheer liquid foundations look the most natural. As we age we tend to go for either full on coverage to cover dark/sun spots and pigmentation or do the opposite and go sheer for a more natural dewy finish which gives a more youthful appearance. We suggest Makeup Forever Face and Body foundation for a sheer finish or IT Cosmetics for full coverage with skin benefits, very popular as it has a built-in sunscreen and is also hydrating!

For a little more covergage without the heavy feeling, go for Fenty Beauty foundation.

Concealer - To look fresh and erase signs of fatigue and tiredness, concealer is definitely a girl’s best friend. The darker the circles under the eye the deeper tone of apricot your concealer should be. Always buy a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation ‘IF’ you are wearing it over foundation, otherwise buy a shade that matches the lightest part of your face. You can also buy a separate salmon/deep apricot color corrector to help neutralize dark circles which you should apply before concealer, this stops the cakey look that we all know is a serious no-no. We suggest Nars radiant concealer, Tarte Shape Tape and Maybelline’s Eraser concealer for a drug store competitor.

Brows - Your brows frame your face and the right brows can do wonders to your finished look. A thicker brown can make the face appear slimmer and a nice neat brow can give a polished/natural look.

We recommend Kabrow and Precisely my Brow by Benefit cosmetics asthey are our favourite brow game changers! They are always coming up with new ways to keep our brows on fleek.

Eyeshadow – Depending on the look are trying to achieve, you will always need eyeshadows to enhance your eyes. We love the lush palettes by Natasha Denona, though pricey, they blend like a dream therefore making it easy to create various looks with. Other more affordable favourites are the Urban Decay palettes, the Naked1 being the most versatile in our opinion with its neutral shades that can suit most skin types and tones.

Mascara - Thick, luscious lashes will always get noticed. After applying eyeshadow and liner, coat your eyes with a lashing or two of mascara. We suggest Badgal Bang mascara which is truly amazing by Benefit Cosmetics.

Contouring/Blush -To enhance your features it is a must to contour your cheekbones to bring out their natural definition. Apply blush after you have contoured to add some color which gives a more natural, polished look.

Mac Also has a new contour palette worth checking out!

We suggest the gorgeous blush and contour shades at Makeup Store in Paragon, the colors are pigmented and last all day.

Highlighter - To add light and show off your best features we apply highlighter. This can be in the form of a powder or liquid. Powders are more versatile and come in either matt or radiant finishes. A matt highlighter gives a polished and natural look, think Cate Blanchett, whereas a sheeny radiant one adds a touch of glam showing off your gorgeous cheekbones, ala Jlo glow! We suggest Hourglass for a range of matt to sheeny or Becca for full on shine!

Lipstick - A look is not complete without a little something on your lips, be it a nude shade or full on glam red, lipstick is a must have! Lipsticks or lip gloss’s enhance your beauty by showing off the shape of your lips. A little sheen gives your lips a hydrated, plump look whereas matt lipsticks give a bold look, often paired with pigmented rich shades. Lipstick allows you to express your personality and mood with bold colors equating to confidence.

We love ALL lipsticks brands, but of late have been using Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks which are light and smooth whilst being matt.

We love all the lipsticks from Huda Beauty just neely launched in Singapore! Available in Sephora.

So these are your 10 makeup must haves that you should wear to look amazing! Learning how to apply is another trick and personal makeup lessons have become the norm these days for women who want to kow hwo to always look thier best at any occassion.

Book your personal lessons with me and let your journey of beauty discovery begin!

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