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#LaDouce: The glam easy eye look I created to distract from a skin reaction in UK

This is in my opinon the true #powerofmakeup , How I was able to feel better about my skin condition with the application of makeup where I used it to enhance other parts of my feautres whilst masking my skin.

Let me start by explaining why my skin was looking so rough textured in this video.

I had a very serious rection to a mask that was given to me and it eripted my skin so badly that I had what almost looked like a rash all over my skin. I did seek out help from dermatogists and was on medication, but during that time I was not putting anything on my skin till it healed. During this time I was still meeting clients who wanted to take my Personal Makeup Courses so I would do up my eyes more to distract the eye away from my skin. This was week 3 of my rash and I was already on medication so you can imagine what it may have been like. For my, being a #beautycoach it was devestating and dipped my confidence, but I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself I should follow my motto, #beleiveinyourbeauty , and move on. So I chose to enhance my eyes more, brows, lashes and lips and wear jewellery to show off what I still had.

It made me think that we all don't have good skin, so it's even more important to know how to accentuate our best features instead and learn to love our beauty.

This look I created just before I met Jennifer for her Glam #makeuplesson and I hope you get a chance to read her review.

I'll post the link below to my Facebook Page where you can find all my wonderful reviews by even more wonderful clients and read Jennifer's full review.

So let's get back to the video and why I created it. First it was to make me feel better and secondly I wanted to show you how amazing this eyeshadow is and how easy it is to use. It's called #Shimmerandglow #creameyeshadow by #STILACOSMETICS and I know it you all will LOVE IT!

When you watch the video you will be able to see how easy it is to apply, the color is #STUNNING! It can suit anyone. The name if this shade is #LADOUCE , an almost old gold shade with shimmer, not glitter!

Stila do make #glitterandglow shadows in the same formula which I will show you and will upload a blog post on them too. They really do have a gorgeous range of shades and I urge you to go try them for yourself at your closest #sephora , #stila , #selfridges or #ulta stores depending where you live.

Here are all the products I used for my look in the video:

#benefitcosmetics Bad gal Bang mascara and Kabrow in shade 5

#nars Radiant Concealer in caramel

#hudabeauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow pallete

#primark lashes

I hope you like this look and I created this video on my phone so theres no fancy editing going on or lighting, it was all dayloght and me sitting infornt of my dressing table in my bedroom.

I am all about practical beauty, here you see me for me with no filters on this video whatsoever.

Please let tme know if you liked the look bu commenting below!

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