Daytime Style in Singapore

Makeup Forever Water blend Foundation

Here in tropical Singapore one has the pleasure to wear whatever your heart desires. Its warm enough to wear summery shades and light fabrics due to its climate and if you are in AC then it can be cold enough to wear light jackets and even boots! It's quite amazing, one is not limited to what one can wear, just need to know where one can wear what.

In this blog I want to share with you my discovery of this fashionable and stylish brand called bYSI. They have all types of latest trends and comparable to Zara prices and sometimes less. It's in between H&M and Zara in pricing I would say. This store seems to take inspiration from top designers and tweaks them into their own versions, much like Zara and H&M so you are sure to find on trend outfits. bYSI® believes that every woman should have the luxury to wear the latest and own a chic, relevant wardrobe that fits her lifestyle.

Image from of the bYSi Gingham top

BYSI  wrap top

This wrap top has the most delicious sleeves I could not stop staring at them. I took a client shopping in this store and I ended up buying one too. The color is a perfect shade of blue and white stripes which happened to be another version of the Gingham top in grey pictured above. The wrap belt is also fun as you can wrap it and tie it into a bow, as I have done, or wear it any way you please. I paired the top with navy jeans from ZARA. These jeans, technically jeggings have high elasticity that make your legs look slimmer ( Woohoo!!) and I love how they feel, very comfortable. They'll bend with you and stretch when your stretching and all that good stuff.

What I like is that it's very Similar to Sarah Jessica Parkers top which coincidentally showed up on my Facebook feed after buying this top, I love her style so I was happy to see great minds think alike :) <