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#10minutemakeup How to get a Polished Look Fast!

Here is a very #quickmakeup tutorial I created for you all. The video is really nothing fancy and I chose not to use any editing magic or filters, its completely all in real time with no cuts, just me #noedits :)

I wanted to show you ju t how easy it can be to get ready in the moring and step out the door looking polished and put together using minimal products, showing you how products can multitask, just like us, we are so amazing, aren't we? #womenpower

I used:

1. #bioderma Cicabio Creme as a moisturiser which has Copper Zinc which is an antibacterial agent to help sooth my irritated skin which is a reult of a breakout to a mask I used and hormones! Got to love our sweet hormones ;(

2. I then applied the only primer I will use in the world, Secret Primer by #sceptrcosmetics which is a hybrid water based primer making your skin look beautiful even before applying makeup, in the video you can see how my skin starts looking better right after using it.

Because of its gel consistancy I am able to skip foundation and blend my #toofaced concealer on top of it allowing the concealer to blend better than it would alone or under any other primer I have tried before, its my holy grail! My clients who have tried the #secretprimer are in love too!

3. I dotted concealer on areas I feel you should concentrate on if you are skipping foundation. Dot on areas where you need some more coverage . I am loving the #toofaced #sculpingconcealer because its so highly pigemented yet doesn't feel heavy!

4. I used #lagirl for contouring which is easy and blends fast too.

5. #urbandecay #allnighter powder is another holy grail product, this too works instantly as you can see in the video. It smoothes out the skin further and preps for the powders I use next.

6. I used #hourglass Ambient Light special edition kit as a multi tasking product for face and eyes!

Have a look how I used this palette all over my face for eyeshadow, highlight and blush. A great buy I feel, especially if you use it for face and eyes like I just did.

Hope you like the video and found it helpful, if you did, SHARE IT :)

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Sep 22, 2020

Absolutely fantastic and easy methods Samina! I love all your content and your makeup style is always as you say "realistic"and "wearable". More videos please!!

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