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Kendall Jenner braves Acne at the Golden Globes 2018

Kendall Jenner looked stunning in her black Giambattista Valli gown but people were not talking about how wonderful she looked in it, they were not talking about her style either. Kendall's skin condition has become the topic on everyone's lips and has become almost an empowering message now to all acne sufferers everywhere .

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We all have suffered from acne and we know how we feel especially if they break out before a big day , so now imagine if you ate attending the Golden Globes knowing you will have cameras shoved in to your spotty face, how would you feel? Nervous I bet !

This is why I find what she did so empowering and now has my respect.

Rather than sulking and hiding, Kendall went out there with her skin looking less than perfect and worked her stuff on the red carpet, she bared herself for public scrutiny which actually worked to her advantage. Unknowingly the Kardashian star became an acne sufferers hero and when she was being bullied by the media talking about her terrible skin condition she suddenly saw fans defending her and applauding her for her bravery .

For me, it was the perfect response from her when she tweeted to a fan " Never let the shit stop you".

Like I have always said, BELIEVE in your beauty and the world will too.

We hope for more positive messages from young celebrities who can promote confidence and help others understand that acne or bad skin doesn't define you or your beauty.

Well done and bravo Kendall!

Frederick. M. Brown/Getty images

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