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We aren't influenced by Celeb endorsements anymore

I have been makeup shopping for private customers for over 6 years and have been a makeup artist for 20 years.

During my time in the last 6 years as a Personal Makeup and Beauty Coach to the multi diverse Expat community in Singapore I have realised some interesting buying habits women have here. These ladies are the Generation X and Millennials who love beauty and makeup.

With my line of work, helping women look and feel their best by introducing them to only those products I recommend, I have seen the need for a new direction of marketing from brands, and can see the decline in beauty consumer spending based on Celebrity Endorsements.

I have accidentally fallen into the role of market research with real-time consumer feedback and gaining insight into the psyche of the average beauty consumer.

Women don't want perfect looking celebrity faces selling them products anymore. They already assume that the Celebrities probably haven't even used the products in the ad campaigns.

So what does this mean ?

Have a look below at some research done showing a survey and info graphics revealing how we no longer are influenced by Celebrities. More than 50% no longer feel like a celebrity influences their beauty purchases or trends, with the exception of two names the millennials and Gen Z are following. KIM KARDASHIAN and KYLIE JENNER are 2 celebrities that actually do have an influence on consumer buying, but this is only true with millennials. I do not see any of my Gen X and Z customers or myself picking up something based on the Kardashian sisters, we tend to want to try products on and trying on products is a far more successful way of making a sale.

So to sum it up, 50% or more of beauty consumers no longer buy makeup or beauty products based on Celebrity Endorsements, they know the Celebs are being paid to associated with the brands, so the voice is no longer authentic anymore.

Today's Modern Fashionista's are savvy and prefer real advice from someone they trust and know are not sellouts to the Cosmetic Industry.

My advice to brands is to find a more meaningful connection between them and consumers and know that letting consumers try on products and seeing how the products look on them is a far more powerful sales and marketing idea than spending on Celebrities.

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