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#Tellher Lunch September : Age Younger

September saw the second success of the #Tellher Lunch with the theme Age Younger created and organised by me Samina Malik of Samina Malik Makeup and Image Design.

The #Tellher Lunch is an event for all women to attend, dress up, learn makeup and styling tips which have served me well, as well as from a curated collaboration with industry experts. Come and make new friends in unique and stylish settings with surprises and delights for all.

I founded the #tellher concept to bring something fun and unique to all the wonderful modern, busy and practical women of today.

Knowing which products to use and for what purpose often leaves women confused. My aim is to inform women on the best products out there and how to use them with easy makeup application techniques that I design. I call it "Realistic Beauty" a term I use to describe my outlook on makeup for busy mothers and time strapped professionals. Book your Personal Makeup Course HERE

I would like to thank my Sponsors for helping me make my event memorable for all:

The fun and glamour of my #tellher lunch Gallery

On September 26th, in the beautiful and elegant ambiance of Savanh Restaurant, a group of makeup and fashion loving ladies came together to my second #tellher lunch. With the focus on how to "Age Younger"which was inspired by my birthday, I hit the 4-0 number, I wanted to share what I do to Age Younger, a question I have been asked many times when coaching my customers during their Personal Makeup Courses with me. Find out more HERE

I demonstrated the much asked question by all, How to LIFT YOUR FEATURES using makeup. I showed my own special method I use for myself to lift features. It's the same technique I teach the women who take my Personal Makeup Courses. SHOP NOW

I was very happy to have NYX COSMETICS SG as my makeup sponsor this time as it is a brand I use during my Personal lessons using the NYX palette Love Contours All, buy yours HERE.

On the right side I have demonstrated the lifting technique on just her face only. Can you see the difference?

The palette is so versatile and easy to use too. With contouring shades, highlighters and neutral eye shadow you can ensure you will be ready in minutes. I showed women my method of contouring that lifts your cheeks and enhances your cheekbones and how to create a lifted eye look too.


At the end of the event my model and I had to get a photo together with her Complete Lifted Look AFTER DEMO

DR Marco intrigued the crowd of women with his advice on how one can improve and strengthen their core with procedures that can help you not only look and feel good but can actually restore your posture and well being. The pioneer of many new plastic surgery techniques Dr Marco is world renowned and his advice was extremely valuable. To learn more on how you can improve your body and ease your back pain, get a flat stomach and possibly have it covered by your insurance ;) contact him HERE DR Marco Clinic. (Mention my name)

Dr Marco's talk on how women can "Age Younger" with surgical and non surgical procedures was very engaging and informative.

Azure Dental's Dr Prashant spoke about how Teeth Whitening can also help keep us looking healthy and rejuvenated. A nice white smile is definitely pleasing to see and he aims to help us achieve just that. His practice is found on Sixth Avenue. To book in click HERE

Dr Prashant of Azure Dental spoke on the importance of a healthy bright smile and how it can help us "Age Younger"

Indochine Group, an international and renowned restaurant and bar group created a delicious Nutraceutical Lunch for us using the finest ingredients and preparation designed to fight off free radicals and giving our bodies the power to age well from the inside out. To book at this stunning restaurant and enjoy its exquisite cuisine Book Here.


Starters never looked so tempting, and they were delicious!

Angela of Flower Empire SG presented her beautiful bouquet as a surprise gift and I loved it! I have always admired her creativity and this time her bouquet blew me away. Look how PRETTY! It makes the perfect gift for anyone. Have a look at the amazing creations she has on her website and the best thing? Your orders now can be delivered to your door or the doors of your Giftee's!


Bravo Jewelry have the most interesting and stunning collection of oriental inspired jewelry and accessories for the modern woman and I was very pleased to have had Nadia Bremner, owner of the brand, giveaway a beautiful jade necklace promoting Feng Shui and balance. To find out more about her pieces Click HERE.


#tellher attendee Monisha is all smiles as she wins the "Phoenix" jade necklace by Bravo Jewellry and Accessories

A great event with an incredible positive response from all those who came and said they couldn't wait for the next one, so guess what? I am planning my next one as I write this entry :)

Want to join in on the fun at my next #Tellher Lunch Event then make sure you stay tuned to new events and makeup tips by

For previous #tellher events Go to #Tellher Events in the menu bar.

Tell your friends and join the next one! If you are subscribed you will get the news in your inbox, make sure I don't go into Spam or Junk mail.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next one and if you are looking for a personal makeup course with me then let's get you booked in! I am always here to make you all look and feel your best and offer you something new and exciting with a twist of the unique!

Till next time!

Samina x

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